Dr. Stillwagon Just After Distributing Some  Clothes To Orphans In Kiev. Shown With Two  Of The Leaders Of The Orphanage And The  Man Who First Told Dr. Stillwagon Of The  Plight Of These Children, September, 2009
Food, blankets, age appropriate toys, financial support and games are provided directly to orphans in Kiev Chernigov, at a government orphanage near Orlovka and street kids in Kiev. It is always fun to play with them especially since they have such... read more
Children Of Kazilivka<br> Playing Games
Established and funded the first Activities and Sports Center of its kind for children and youth in Kazilivka and Orlovka, the village close by. A small government operated civic center closed some time ago and so children in this remote area had now... read more
Two Of The Senior Board Members, Natasha And Marina.  The Original Idea For The Center Was Suggested By Marina (On The Right).
Struggling Kids established and Dr. Stillwagon serves as Chairman Of The Governing Board of a one-of-a-kind Women's Center in Nikolaev, Ukraine, for women and their children who are unable to care for their own needs. The Center provides psychologica... read more
Meeting With The School<br> Director And Village Mayor
The antiquated and dangerous school that serves about 200 children in Kazilovka and Orlovka has been upgraded and modernized. It was dangerous because polluted water was carried in buckets to the school building from an old hand cranked well. There w... read more
Left To Right Are Maxim, Marina, Losha, Their Parents Lena And Alex, Sr. Not Pictured Is Alex, Jr. Who Is Married, And Lives In Chernihiv, About 2 Hours From Kazilovka, With His Wife And New Daughter. . .
A monthly support fund has been established to provide food and clothing through a store in Kazilovka. These resources are supplied at cost. The store was founded by the family, shown below, who selflessly supervised the building of the Activities an... read more
Michael during filming of a Fox News story on Thanksgiving Day In The USA.
A chance meeting among strangers, while Dr. Stillwagon was in Ukraine for Struggling Kids led to an invitation to an engagement party for a friend′s son. That′s where Alexander and Nelya told Dr. Stillwagon about their son, Michael who h... read more
Their Original House Six Miles From Kazilovka, Snowed In.   The Roof Caved In Not Long After This Photo Was Taken By Dr. Stillwagon.
Struggling Kids purchased a home for a destitute single mother with three children whose husband is in jail serving time for murder after a vodka related fight. Their previous home was six miles away and they had no transportation. So they walked for... read more
These Are Key Staff Members In The Hospital In<br>Kazilovka.  The Director (Far Left), Head Nurse<br>(Second From Left) And Staff Nurses. With Dr. Stillwagon
Approximately $ 25,000.00 worth of Medicines have been delivered to the hospital In Kasilovka, Ukraine, a mobile clinic in Kiev, an orphanage in Kiev and a clinic in Kazilovka serving the villagers.... read more

Economic support was provided and personal involvement in local aid organizations in downtown Atlanta.... read more
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