Meeting With The School<br> Director And Village Mayor
Meeting With The School
Director And Village Mayor
Well That Was The Only Source Of Water For The School
Well That Was The Only Source Of Water For The School
One Of The School Buildings.<br> During World War II, A<br>German Sniper Was <br>Positioned In This Tower <br>To Fire On TheTowns People. <br> A Cemetery Is Just Across<br> The Property Of The School <br>To Honor Those Who Died<br> Defending Their Village
One Of The School Buildings.
During World War II, A
German Sniper Was
Positioned In This Tower
To Fire On TheTowns People.
A Cemetery Is Just Across
The Property Of The School
To Honor Those Who Died
Defending Their Village
Veta, One Of The Girls In The  Village Who Attends  The School., June, 2007.
Veta, One Of The Girls In The Village Who Attends The School., June, 2007.
One Of The First <br>Shipments Of Chairs.
One Of The First
Shipments Of Chairs.
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School in Kazilovka

The antiquated and dangerous school that serves about 200 children in Kazilovka and Orlovka has been upgraded and modernized. It was dangerous because polluted water was carried in buckets to the school building from an old hand cranked well. There was no indoor water and certainly no hot water. It was antiquated because the desks, chairs and tables dated to Soviet era Stalin times. They were made of metal with no cushions or anything to make the school day bearable. They were rusting and had been repaired so many times until they were largely beyond repair. This was tolerated only because the people and local governments were too poor and had no resources to improve all this. The only foreign language taught was French, which again dated to Stalin era Soviet educational philosophies In the first meeting it was immediately evident the people had the desire and skills to improve all this if the resources could be made available. Here is what has been accomplished:

A. Funds were provided for an underground water system to serve the three buildings of the school. The project was initiated during a personal meeting between Dr. Stillwagon, the school Director, school board members and village Mayor. Next, follow up visits to the site were done until completion. The labor was carried out for free by the local people of Kazilovka including the school Director himself who personally helped hand dig the trenches needed for the pipes. In the initial meeting, Dr. Stillwagon was feeling almost overwhelmed at the magnitude of the job to install such a large scale complete water system and asked the Director who could do such work. Without hesitation, the Director replied, Youre looking at one of them! Now the children have safe hot and cold water inside the three buildings comprising the school for the first time.

B. New chairs, desks and tables were purchased for this entire school. These have all been delivered and are in daily use. Now the children have an environment much more conducive to learning. Next the chalkboards will be modernized.

C. An English language course series was provided. Knowledge of English will open many avenues to these children that were previously closed to them. The average income is about $200. per month. An English translator can earn $10. to $25. per hour. Also many businesses need workers with knowledge of English for their foreign customers and product sources.
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